Saturday, October 15, 2011

Book Announcement: Quantitative Models in Psychology

Robert McGrath announces the publication of his new book, Quantitative Models in Psychology.

Training in quantitative methods primarily involves studying the mechanics of statistics or, in other words, the "how" of data analysis. What is less studied is the "why," or the foundational theory underlying these concepts.

Using the organizing principle that quantitative methods are the building blocks of models, this book focuses on models of inference, models of measurement, and the modeling of psychological phenomena. Specifically, it presents inferential statistics and quantitative modeling of psychological phenomena; the logic and limits of null hypothesis significance testing; alternatives to significance testing, including confidence intervals, meta-analysis, and Bayesian methods; models of measurement error; latent-variable models; the mathematical qualities of quantitative variables; the modeling of psychological phenomena, including such concepts as moderation and mediation.

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