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2013 ARP Conference Submissions Deadline Extended to Feb. 1, 2013

3rd Annual Convention
June 20-22, 2013
Charlotte, North Carolina

The ARP Program Committee is now soliciting abstracts for presentations at the 3rd Biennial Meeting of the Association for Research in Personality, which is scheduled to take place Thursday, June 20th, to Saturday, June 22nd, 2013, in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The program will include symposia and posters selected in response to this open call.  In addition, we are very pleased to announce that the program will feature two invited talks, from two leading researchers in personality science, who are also two of the Editors of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: Laura King (University of Missouri) and Jeffrey Simpson (University of Minnesota).

Immediately preceding the conference, on Thursday, June 20th, there will be a workshop on Studying Personality via the Autonomic Nervous and Neuroendocrine Systems, led by Iris Mauss and Sally Dickerson. This 6-hour workshop is open to all attendants for the additional cost of $30 for member students, $55 for general members, and $80 for all non-members.

More details of the meeting can be found at the following URL:

Although there is no official “theme” for this upcoming meeting, the Conference Program Committee is hoping to solicit symposia and posters that cover a broad range of substantive topics within the field. We conceive of personality science in wide-ranging terms, and intend for the conference to cover all of the content areas traditionally and currently studied by psychological scientists who address topics relevant to personality. This includes, but is not limited to, research on individual differences in personality, broadly conceived, including research both on their structure and social-cognitive mediators; genetic, affective, physiological, neuroendocrine, and evolutionary bases of personality processes and social behavior; and a wide range of narrower topics that fall within the domain of personality science, including personality judgments, emotions and emotional processes, motivation, romantic relationships and mating, the self and self-regulation, social cognition, and personality assessment. The overriding goal of the Program Committee is to develop a slate of presentations that broadly reflects the diversity of basic questions facing our discipline.

Two formats are available for submissions:  Symposia and Posters.  The Program Committee will make a final selection of presentations based on quality, balance of content, and diversity, broadly speaking, in the overall conference program. Submissions not accepted for oral presentation will be considered for presentation as individual posters unless the authors stipulate otherwise. The first author is expected to give the oral presentation or be available at the poster.

Symposia are 75 minutes in length and include presentations from a maximum of 4 speakers on a related topic.  Thus, typical symposia will be comprised of 3 or 4 talks; however, symposia with fewer speakers are permitted as well.  In planning a symposium, please allow sufficient time for audience questions and discussion.  Submissions must include (a) names and contact information for the chairperson(s), all presenters, (b) a symposium title and overarching abstract of no more than 200 words, and (c) individual abstracts (200 words max) for each talk to be included in the symposium.  Submitters should complete the Symposia Submission Form that can be downloaded from the ARP website to submit their abstracts.

Poster Presentations
Poster submissions may include presentations of works that are either complete or in progress (e.g., studies for which data collection is well under way, but for which full results are not yet available at the time of submission). Submissions must include (a) names and contact information for all authors, (b) presentation title, and (c) an abstract of no more than 200 words describing the rationale, methods, results, and implications of the work to be presented. Submitters should complete the Poster Submission Form that can be downloaded from the ARP website to submit their abstracts.

Number of Submissions
There is no limit to the number of submissions on which a presenter may be an author. However, anyone submitting an abstract may be first author on only one oral presentation. There is no limit to the number of first-authored poster abstract submissions.

Submission Withdrawals
If it is necessary to withdraw a submission, please notify the Program Chairs as soon as possible.

Abstract Submission Details and Deadline
The deadline for all abstract submissions is February 1st, 2013.  The original deadline of Jan. 21 has been extended to accommodate people traveling to SPSP. Please prepare your submission using the appropriate abstract submission form posted on the ARP website.  Submit all materials via email  Please follow the guidelines included in the submission forms.  Abstracts that do not follow these guidelines will be returned to authors.


The 2013 ARP Program Committee:

Özlem Ayduk, Co-Chair
Jessica Tracy, Co-Chair
Brent Donnellan
R. Chris Fraley
Iris Mauss
Ken Sheldon
Vivian Zayas

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