Thursday, June 24, 2010

Special issue for Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research

Reintegrating Erikson: A Theoretical and Empirical Synthesis of Eriksonian Identity Models

Special Issue for Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research

Guest Editor: Moin Syed, University of Minnesota

Contemporary theory and research on identity development draws heavily from two core facets of Erik Erikson’s (1968) theoretical writings. On the one hand, an abundance of research has probed Erikson’s proposal that adolescents and young adults typically go through a period of intense explorations of potential identity alternatives on the way to solidifying a coherent and satisfactory identity (e.g., identity status model, identity styles; see Schwartz, 2001 for a review). Another body of research has focused on Erikson’s proposal that a fundamental aspect of identity development is for individuals to feel a sense of temporal continuity and coherence, in which their past endeavors, current concerns, and future prospects are successfully integrated to provide meaning and direction in life (e.g., narrative life-history model).

Despite their shared theoretical origins, there is a notable lack of theory and research on how various operationalizations of Erikson’s theory may be interrelated. The purpose of this Special Issue is to reintegrate varying facets of Eriksonian theory and research on identity. To advance this goal, manuscripts submitted for the Special Issue must attempt to integrate two or more approaches to identity that are based on Erikson’s theory. Empirical manuscripts that use quantitative or qualitative methods will be equally valued, and submissions using mixed-methods are particularly welcome. Theoretical and review articles will also be considered.

Interested authors are highly encouraged to submit a letter of intent including an abstract of the manuscript (100-200 words) to the Guest Editor by September 1, 2010. The deadline for final submissions to the Special Issue will be January 31, 2011. Letters of intent and submission should be e-mailed to the Guest Editor, Moin Syed, at Please follow all submission guidelines as outlined in Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research (available at

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